Blog Smarter PREMIUM: Intensive Mastermind

Blog Smarter mentorship program

Introducing Blog Smarter: an 8-week online mentorship
for bloggers who want to quit limping along in the blogging rat race
…and break through to confidence, clarity, and – yes – cash,
built atop your own solid brand.

Ready to ditch the furious frenzy to publish, the black hole of social media, and that little voice that keeps whispering, “Are you really doing the right thing?”

In this exclusive program, you’ll create smarter systems for your blog – so that no matter how much traffic you get or how often you decide to publish, your blog and business are always moving forward.

It’s one part deep brand work, one part subscriber strategy, and one part viral content planning, with a dash of smart monetization.

As a member of the Blog Smarter program, here’s how you’ll participate:

  • 8 weeks of instruction, April 9th – June 1st. Graduate level marketing and business strategy via 9+ hours of pre-recorded video to learn at your own pace
  • Lifetime access to course content, but dripped out each day to keep you on target for building your business. Past students said the timing of the sessions was one of the keys to the results they’ve gotten.
  • Private blogging community, where you’ll learn and grow alongside a small, diverse group of bloggers + biz owners
  • Weekly Q&A/group coaching calls, where you’ll apply the strategies your learning to your specific situation
  • Action steps + accountability to keep you moving forward

PREMIUM access also includes…

  • Access to all recorded mastermind calls on our learning site (value: $297)
  • [Copywriting Seminar] Copypicking: My #1 Technique for Pre-Writing Sales Copy That Hooks (and Sells) (value: $197)
  • GRADUATION BONUS! 2-hour live group coaching/Q&A session on product creation, sales, copywriting, and scaling your business (value: $795)

Are you in?

Listen: This isn’t just another blah blah blah compilation of tips you could get from Google – it’s an intensive training program for the truly committed.

Therefore, there are two requirements to join this session of the Blog Smarter experience:

Program Requirements

  1. You must commit to working through each lesson in the course. Lessons are short (most are 10-20 minutes each) and there are 3-5 lessons per week. While you may work at your own pace, each week will build on the work you did in the previous week. So you’ll want to set aside 30-60 minutes each day to go through the materials and apply the strategies you’re learning to your business.
  2. You must commit to do the assignments. Each lesson has a homework assignment intended to deepen your understanding and apply new tactics to your brand strategy. Some days it will be brainstorming. Other days it will be research or a short writing assignment. But there is no busywork. Each assignment has been developed to move your blog forward.

If you can say YES to both program requirements, then Welcome.

Next Steps…

1) Use the button below to check out via Paypal (you can pay with any major credit card or your Paypal account), and then you’ll be redirected to set up your account here on the Blog Smarter website. Please create your account immediately. This will give you access to all the lessons and assignments as they become available.

2) Shortly after checking out (within an hour or so), you’ll receive a welcome email that will give you instructions on specific “next steps” to make sure you’re ready to get the most out of your experience. Watch for that!

3) And finally, within a few days you’ll get more instructions for joining our private Blog Smarter community. Despite the hundreds of hours I’ve poured into creating the course content, the community of seasoned, goal-driven biz owners is the best part of this experience.

You and your fellow bloggers are what’s going to make the Blog Smarter program truly remarkable.

Check out below, and I’ll see you on the inside, where a welcome message is waiting for you right now.


Blog Smarter PREMIUM: Intensive Mastermind