Why blogging *isn’t* a business (and what this means for YOU)

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This is an excerpt from a real lesson inside the Blog Smarter program. As you’ll see, each lesson is strategically designed to not just give you “quick tips” or some gimmicky promotion tactic.

Of COURSE we do tons of practical, hands-on work. But to truly change your business, we have to start by changing your mind.

(…and no, I’m not going to tell you to “visualize sitting on a dump truck load of money” …gag.)

It turns out, what the business world understands is what the blogging world gets BACKWARDS.

Take 12 minutes and watch this video.

It has the potential to change everything you do, from here on…

Week 8, Authority & Money Excerpt (12:21)


(Note: In the rest of this lesson, we compare 5 different monetization strategies and rank them. Most lessons in Blog Smarter are 20 minutes only. This one is longer because we’re talking about a broad topic.  But we’re still keeping it focused!)

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